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vanessahudgens the amazing girl

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vhtag; vanessahudgens the amazing girl
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VH • The Amazing Girl

we are six italian girls: ;silvia ;beatrice ;mariella ;ludovica ;clarissa ;sara and as you can see we're real bbv fans because we love her unique style not only when it comes to music but also because she is a fashionista and thanks to the emotions she gives us in her movies. we love her because we like to see her smile everyday and follow her one-upon-a-time worthy relationship with zac. that's why we have decided to open this community , linked to our italian forum about her. but don't worry this is an open community, you just have to follow some rules:

You must JOIN to be able to post and wait our approval.
Your post must include at least three icons about vanessa or at least related to her
Post three icons teaser and than a link to your journal
We'd love to see your zanessa hsm vanash icons too as long as it's vanessa related
CREDIT!don't credit the community but the maker
Do not edit the icon for any reason
Don't make request posts
Do not hotlink
You can't promote other communities without the permission of one of the manteiners

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When I think about you and me
I get a little weak in the kness
I feel the flutter of a butterfly
Sometimes I can hardly breath

Vulnerable - Vanessa Hudgens